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The blog has been running since 2009, I’ve decided though it’s time to consolidate this site with my main site.

All of the posts have been moved so you will find all of the same content there, check the links below.

Audiobus: How I got on the iOS Music Bus!


I've been producing music on the iPad since the day that GarageBand came out - literally. My workflow has been to get a song to a certain point on the iPad, using Midi keyboard, a USB guitar interface and the various tools in Garageband. Then move … [Continue reading]

The Best Weather App for your iPhone or iPad


Let's face it, in the App Store there's not shortage of weather related apps, all of which are better then the included App from Apple. It's almost as if they leave that app being so bad to encourage iOS developers to do better. If you live in … [Continue reading]

Getting more out of Siri

Siri iOS6

I think like a lot of iPhone users, there is a love hate relationship with Siri. I love the idea but often hate the reality. When Siri works it is brilliant. I have bluetooth installed in my car and find that this is where I tend to use Siri the … [Continue reading]

Notes App: Creating Folders

apple notes app

You can read all of the blog posts are marketing blurb about new versions of this and that but it's really only when you start to use the software that you discover all of the minor  features. When Apple release something like iOS 6 with the … [Continue reading]

iPhone 5 Panoramas

Mona Vale Panorama

A few days with the new iPhone and like a lot of reports the more time you spend with the phone the more it sets itself apart from the 4 and 4S. I've been trying out the new panorama feature in the built in camera app over the past few days, it's … [Continue reading]

Reply with text: how to customise the text

Reply with text

The phone app in iOS 6 has a number of updates, one of the most useful is the ability to reject a call and have your iPhone automatically reply with a text/iMessage to the caller. iOS 6 comes with some defaults like "What's Up?" but you can easily … [Continue reading]

Time Machine and Mountain Lion Server


Do you use Time Machine to backup your Macs against a local server running Mac OS X server (Mountain Lion)? It's been working well for ages but all of a sudden you continuously get "Backup disk cannot be found" errors? Well if that's you, there … [Continue reading]

How to speak to Siri in iOS6

Siri iOS6

Siri, in iOS 6 is to be more helpful that the Siri we know and sometimes love from iOS5. With all the new things she can do though you need to lean how to speak to her! I found this excellent summary on today that provides a very … [Continue reading]

Encrypt USB external drives


In a previous post we've covered how to create encrypted disk images on your Mac. Another way of achieving some level of security is to add encryption to a USB drive, either an external hard disk or a USB key (thumb drive). After the setup is … [Continue reading]