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Podcast app for iPhone and iPad

apple podcast

Is listening to podcasts officially mainstream yet? I'm not sure. Yes, the podcast concept has been around for a long while now, it's certainly big in the geek community and I would say it's also big with anyone who commutes to and from work. … [Continue reading]

Mountain Lion: Quickly rename files in Pages and Numbers


iWork apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) have a cool new way to rename files on the fly. When one of these apps is open and while working with a file you can click the status bar where the file name is displayed. Here is a new option in Mountain … [Continue reading]

Where’s you home made Apple Lightbox?

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Not many Mac setups come with their own custom made Apple Light Box. Wonder how many this guy would sell if he marketed them?? :) Visit Dan's profile on Flikr for more pictures of this setup. … [Continue reading]

Safari: reading list and offline content


It's true, after a few days with Mountain Lion there is a sense of it's nice, it's new but there's not really that much that is different from Lion. I really like the new apps for reminders and notes, I've not used the dictation all that much … [Continue reading]

Mountain Lion: how to enabled dictation


Dictation in Mountain Lion is accessed  by either holding down the Function key (FN on your keyboard) or hitting it twice. First you have to turn it on, by default it's not enabled in a new installation of Mountain Lion. Head over to Settings … [Continue reading]

How to setup Twitter in Mountain Lion


So, you've read that Mountain Lion now has Twitter deep integration much like iOS, but how do you actually set it up? Start off in System Settings, then into Mail, Contact & Calendars. Here, along with the usual email offerings, you … [Continue reading]

New gesture for Notification Center in Mountain Lion


Fresh install of Mountain Lion? Want to play with all the new toys? It's good fun. The new gesture to access notification center is one that took me a few minutes to work out. The trick is to swipe (two fingers) from the right side of the track … [Continue reading]

Mountain Lion: Add users as VIPs


In a recent post we discussed how to setup notifications in Mountain Lion's Mail app. It may not be obvious how to actually setup individual users as VIPs. It's easy, once you know how! Find an email in Inbox from the specific user, right click … [Continue reading]

Install Mountain Lion on multiple Macs

OS X Mountain Lion

When OS X Lion came out, we had a post showing you how to install Lion on more than one Mac. It was a pretty straight forward process that involved copying the installer before it was deleted. The same is true for Mountain Lion when installing, … [Continue reading]

Mountain Lion: eMail notifications

mail notifications mountain lion

Mountain Lion brings the Notification Centre that we all know from iOS to the Mac desktop. Probably we're all going to go mad and get every app to notify us of everything, at least in the first month! Once the novelty wears off, one notification … [Continue reading]